We appreciate all of our students, you are what makes Perth Martial Arts Academy one of the best Martial Arts Schools in WA!

Special Messages from the Community

“The Perth Martial Arts Academy has brilliant, passionate , patient and polite instructors. The atmosphere is full of determination, passion, strength and power. Particularly one male, who will remain unnamed for confidential reasons, helped a group of Occupational Therapy students, studying the occupation of Karate, giving us some great background information and allowing us to observe in order to strengthen our response. We can not thank the Perth Martial Arts Academy for their professionalism, kindness and assistance. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for both females and males of any age!”

Chloe. D. F

“Highly recommended! Such a welcoming training space no matter your level. I always look forward to coming to the sessions every single week”

Alice. G.

“Perth Martial Arts Academy is a fantastic place to train where egos are left at the door. The instructors are some of the best teachers I have ever known, and everybody of all ages, sexes and abilities are made welcome. PMAA is not about fighting, intimidation or hurting people. It’s about self defence, safety, fitness, mental health and fun.”

Greg. M.

“This place has such a great positive vibe and makes everyone feel welcome. I can’t wait for my kids to start their first class.”

Kirsty. B.

“In this great martial arts gym you will learn how to fight in a safe and fun environment! All trainers are very knowledgable and teach you at your own pace. They also make you feel welcome and motivated to get fit”

Luna-Lucia. M

“I have been training at the Academy for about 6 weeks now. I’ve never done Martial Arts before. I’m an older student (in my 50’s) and have been pleased to find I’m not alone. I did the free trial class offered at the Academy and enjoyed it so much that I’m still here 6 weeks later.”

Sean. C.

“I took advantage of the free trail class offer. Having had no previous martial arts training I was feeling a little apprehensive about attending my first class & came close to driving straight back out off the parking lot when I first arrived. I’m so glad that I walked in.

Chris. D.

My experience at Perth Martial Arts has been more than enjoyable and life altering!

Dale. F. – Maida Vale

“The academy was always fantastic at pushing me to my limits, but respecting my limitations. As a Type 1 diabetic I really appreciated the academys’ sensitivity to my medical condition and openness to people of differing abilities. It’s a great place to train where you really feel like part of a family. I can’t speak highly enough of the team and encourage you to try the academy out for yourselves”

Benjamin – Girrawheen

“A fantastic, supportive environment for beginners to learn Martial Arts. Never intimidating, always respectful.“

Shen – WA

“I would really like to thank Perth Martial Arts for your fantastic classes, not just regarding the actual Martial Arts itself but also the moral compass and life lessons that you teach and instil in your pupils – I thinks it’s absolutely brilliant.”

Sharon. L – West Perth

“Since joining the club, I can see a marked difference in our son’s confidence and fitness. The disciplined approach to training has helped him focus on other areas in his life such as his homework and chores. As soon as he is old enough, his brother will be joining him.”

Alan – Inglewood

“Perth Martial Arts is a friendly environment to learn a great self-defence discipline, I find the teaching there fantastic as they emphasise the teaching of correct technique as oppose to sparring which put me off joining some other organisations.”

Kye T – Tapping

“I would like to thank you & the club members for keeping me fit and providing me with some of the initial self-defence instructions & techniques. I really enjoyed the classes, the training techniques and even being tossed over the odd shoulder. I would highly recommend the club and its training. You have an exceptionally keen & supportive team that help with the training sessions. This is a credit to you & the club.”

Ian – Mt Hawthorn

“My name is James Potter from Tuart Hill, both of my children have recently taken up martial arts training at Perth Martial Arts Academy. Both children aged 11 and 5 were immediately welcomed into the training groups with a friendly manner and have both enjoyed the opportunity to learn self-defence, maintain fitness and learn about discipline and respect for others and themselves. Having only started approx 3 months ago both the kids have learnt very quickly and continue to enjoy themselves, and this is due to the fantastic support and patience they have been given from their senior instructors. All the senior instructors appear to be very patient and kind towards all the kids, who all seem to be enjoying their martial arts experience. I can highly recommend Perth Martial Arts Academy.”

James P – Tuart Hill

“I always wanted to learn a martial art but i didn’t have the courage until my late 20s when I found Perth Martial Arts Academy. I found that I needed something deeper and the Sensei advised me to start training Jishukan Ryu. I haven’t looked back since. Martial arts have enabled me to develop my inner self, awareness to my surroundings and reading body language as I work in a high-strung and often violent environment.”

JC – Huntingdale

“Perth Martial arts is not just a club – it is a cultural change experience that brings the sum parts of life values to reality.”

The Stasiw Family – Warwick

“As a mother of two boys who are students, it is a pleasure to see so many children enjoying themselves whilst showing so much respect for their teachers and fellow students. An added bonus for me, I have managed to pick up some self-defence tips for myself!!”

Tammy – Yokine

“After looking into a large number of various martial arts clubs across Perth, we came across Perth Martial Arts Academy. On ringing to enquiry about the academy, our phone call was promptly returned and they answered all our questions and also took the time to ask about our son and why we wanted to join a club and what we wanted out of the art for our son. We came to the very next session and were greeted straight away and our son was introduced to a number of senior members of the class and was assisted all through his first class. We were pleasantly surprised that the senior members know all their students by name and discipline the students all through the class. The senior members also take the time to take students aside and help them if they see them struggling in certain areas or moves and also make themselves available to students when asked. We also like the fact that references are made during classes to life outside of the academy and how what they are learning relates t…

M & M Caplin – Tuart Hill

“Jishukan Ryu covers all aspects of martial arts and does not force you to damage your body. It promotes longevity and offers a long path to mastery. The Sensei is always relaxed and friendly. It feels like he has found his purpose, and while we train, we slowly begin to find our own purposes in life. All the while readying our body and mind for whatever that purpose may be. Thats why I train at PMAA.”

Ivan – Dianella

“Throughout my life I have been involved with martial arts and have had many bad experiences with “martial arts instructors” who claimed they could teach me how to defend myself overnight. Unlike other Martial Arts Schools, the Perth Martial Arts Academy, has provided me with structure and with depth that were otherwise lacking in other Martial Arts Schools I had attended. I have since learned that the Martial Arts are a long hallway with many aspects to it. These aspects have directly influenced my life in profound ways, beyond mere self-defence. Though the self-defence taught is truly deep, structured and highly applicable. ”

D. K. – Shenton Park

“The holistic teaching environment offered by the Perth Martial Arts Centre has opened Tristan and Lachlan’s eyes to a broad range of confidence building skills which are enhancing both their physical and emotional development. They both love it.”

Justin – Mt Hawthorn

“Perth Martial Arts Academy has improved my fitness levels greatly. Also I am more confident in myself in more ways than just fighting. The atmosphere in the dojo is very warm and the instructors teach all techniques well and efficiently. I recommend everyone to join.”

H.F. – Tuart Hill

“My son was very timid and having social issues due to lack of confidence. I felt that getting him involved with Martial Arts would help boost his confidence as well as help him gain the skills to help him avoid being bullied in the future. I was looking for a martial art that taught a range of skills and techniques, and was not focused on simply punching and kicking as a solution to everything. Ju-Jitsu fits the bill with a variety of skills, and a focus on technique instead of outright force to overcome situations. There is always going to be someone bigger, faster or stronger then you are. Ju-Jitsu is unique in its approach of using your opponent’s strengths against them. When my son was old enough to start taking lessons I brought him in to Perth Martial Arts to watch a class and observe their techniques. I was very impressed with the number of instructors that were present assisting the children, and a clear commitment to the safety and welfare of the students. All of the instructors were very friendly, and encouraged my son to join in. After a fairly short period of time my son’s confidence in social situations increased immensely. He’s far less reserved then he used to be, and much more able to engage socially with other children. He also has the confidence to handle himself with children who are aggressive towards him instead of cowering as he used to. Ju-Jitsu’s focus on proper technique over force also helps teach young children persistence and the benefits of practice; long term benefit over short term gain. One thing that I really respect about Perth Martial Arts is the attitudes of the students and teachers. Everyone is very positive and friendly. I have not seen a single instance of poor attitudes or ego’s that can sometimes negatively affect a Dojo. All of the members carry themselves in a respectful and courteous manner. Martial Arts, and specifically the style of Ju-Jitsu taught at Perth Martial Arts, has been an immense help for my son. I can say, without reservation, that the training and environment at Perth Partial Arts is second to none, and I would recommend them without reservation for both children and adults.”

Tom – Beechboro

“Since joining three years ago and having a young family and small business my training has been a bit hit and miss, each time I have returned to training though the encouragement and understanding has been there to get me going again. The last year I have been able to train more, twice sometimes three nights a week. This has help my lower back an amazing amount, I work physically hard and have found this art to be helpful with this ongoing problem. Not only has training helped me physically, it has also made me more tolerant and able to show more compassion to my fellow human beings, which in my opinion is what the world needs.”

Tim – Myaree

“Jishukan Ryu Jujitsu is one of the most direct and practical forms of self-defence and is a true martial art. The Sensei is an excellent and patient teacher who is dedicated to every student he trains. For true and complete martial arts training, Perth Martial Arts Academy is second to none.”

Ben – Seville Grove

“It’s hard to know where to start with the many things you do well at the Club. We attended trials with a few other martial arts centres, and found yours to be far more engaging for the kids. The various martial arts techniques that you have drawn together for the children’s sessions are an exciting and challenging mix. The many participating instructors are unfailingly patient, encouraging and fair. Yet at the same time they maintain a clear and invaluable focus on mutual respect, courtesy and self-discipline. The kids emerge from each session happy, well-exercised and inspired. What perhaps stands out for me the most is the fact all of your many instructors know the children’s names from the first time they walk in the door – something that represents well the skill and pride with which the club operates. Thanks for offering such a wonderful, holistic alternative to the many less engaging and less constructive activities offered for children.”

SY – Karrinyup

“Throughout the years I have trained in many different styles of martial art and have frequented numerous dojos. Having said this, I was impressed by the Perth Martial Arts Academy on a number of fronts. The instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and professional, which in turn is reflected on the students. Technique instruction is of a high quality, and demonstrated in such a manner that is easy to understand. The techniques themselves are both practical and realistic, leaning towards self defense rather than sport. Traditional values and ethics are instilled within the student, resulting in a practitioner with decent moral values. The training facility is clean, spacious and well equipped, and keep in line with the traditional aspects of the art. To sum up, I would not hesitate to recommend Perth Martial Arts Academy to anybody wishing to learn a traditional art for individual self betterment.”

Luke – Willagee

“It is good to see so many young people in the general classes each time I come there to teach Iaido. And also staying with traditional Martial Arts, rather than the new instant quick fix. Thanks once again.”

Jeri James – 5 Dan Seitai Iaido, 3 Dan Seitai Jodo, 1 Dan Tamiya Ryu Iaido, Australian Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Iaido) 2010 Jeri James – 5 Dan Seitai Iaido

“I originally enrolled my son into Perth Martial Arts Academy to help develop his ability to focus and concentrate. After only a couple of weeks of training my wife and I noticed a marked improvement in his concentration and ability to take his time in completing tasks. We were so happy that we enrolled our daughter as well and I also took up training. We have found Perth Martial Arts Academy to be a friendly, supportive and fun way to learn martial arts. My wife and I would highly recommend training here. It has exceeded our expectations.”

Matthew – Osborne Park

“I love the Academy as it has a family spirit, everyone has a passion for teaching and shows great thoughtfulness, understanding and kindness to the young students.”

Joanne – MT Hawthorn

“Since starting with Perth Martial Arts Academy, I have become a much happier and stronger person. This has been achieved through challenging the aspects of me that require development and improving aspects that were effective already. The benefits I have gained through Jishukan Martial Art training has helped every aspect of my life. From the first moment I stepped through the door I felt comfortable with the people and energy in the dojo, to the point now where I find it difficult to leave.”

Dean B – Yokine

“Training with Perth Martial Arts Academy I have benefited in numerous ways. My fitness and flexibility improved, I have become more confident in my ability to defend myself should the need arise and i have made lots of friends. I feel the greatest benefit i received was the one on one help from the instructors and their ability to show me things that specifically refer to my job as a police officer. I think that joining Perth Martial Arts Academy improved my Health, Social Life, Career and Motivation.”

Sam C – Nollamara

“The exercises in our class has healed a whole range of afflictions I wasn’t even aware of, It has given me strength and flexibility in tendons and ligaments to make effective muscles that were only good through one range of motion and given me the agility to pass the police physical exam. Practicing these drill and understanding the mechanics behind them, I feel more confident and have a muscle memory that can be used instinctively in countless situations. Most importantly it has made me more disciplined in my personal life and helped me achieve lifelong goals.”

Ryan – Nollamara

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