MMA classes in Perth Martial Arts combine all effective mixed martial arts methods of standing & ground based striking, clinching, take-downs, joint locks, throws, wrestling & more. Please contact one of our instructors before enrolling in this program as prerequisite training is required.

The term “Martial Art” is used as a very broad classification of combat methods predominantly focused on self defence and personal development. However, nowadays, the term is used often simply to denote ‘Martial Sport’ – combat methods diluted to where two individuals can compete and the risk of serious injury is reduced – like MMA, a combination of many martial sports.

When searching for a martial arts facility to train it is important to consider injuries can and do occur in combat sport gyms where improper and sometimes inappropriate training methods are too readily utilised and students compete in challenging and dangerous events way before they are ready. The safety and well-being of you, your training partners, and the instructors is always foremost in our minds.

Those wishing to participate in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training and MMA competition, if so inclined, will need to cross-train in various programs offered at our school before they can participate in such events. See Beginner Classes.