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Will-Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Mission Statement:
Our organization represents that specific group of schools, located in the Australasian region who share the common bond of being able to trace their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lineage directly to the Machado brothers, originally of Brazil. Through the efforts of it’s most senior ranks, the organization promotes solidarity among it’s members; maintains quality control of training and teaching standards among it’s members and ensures opportunity for rank-advancement for it’s members.


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Australian Jujitsu Federation (AJF)

Australian Jujitsu Federation (AJF) … was established by members of the Australian Society of Ju-Jitsuans (ASJJ) on 31st July 2000 as a federation of member schools or organisations to include jujitsu and related martial arts; both modern (Gendai budo) and traditional (Koryū), sporting and non-sporting.

The common bond encourages participation in a unified approach to Inter-School; State; National; and International; events and activities, while schools maintain their own identity, style and grading authority.