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LPHS1001 Rapid Motion Leg press is an ultimate Leg machine for any serious home gym and an essential unit for any commercial gyms! LPHS1001 is the Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine you have been waiting for. Rapid Motion engineers have designed this machine with comfort and safety in mind, making it the perfect choice for those who want explosive lower body workouts. Why choose a 45-degree leg press? simple, to protect your lumbar vertebra to avoid damage under heavy weight loading. The LPHS1001 leg press is a machine you can use to perform Leg Press, Hack Squat, facing forward squat and Calf Raise, 4 exercises on 1 Machine, that targets quadriceps, hips, glutes, and calves. You can easily convert between leg press position and hack squat position. Each position has a wide range of adjustments to suit different users' heights and body shapes, and also manipulate muscle activation. Safety first, you may need your mates to spot you when doing a traditional back squat or vertical leg press, LPHS1001 45-degree leg press equips two side handles and 5 lockout positions, you can easily flip the handles and walk out freely during reps and sets. Tone your quad, glutes, and calves today with LPHS1001 Leg Press! Specifications: Dimension: 181cm (W) x 154cm (H) x 252cm (D) Laser-cut stainless steel extra-large grid footplate The range of motion for the footplate can be adjusted 83/90/98/106/113 degree The range of motion for the backrest can be adjusted to 92.5/99/105 degree Weight rating: 550kg 2 tier 4 prongs weight plates carriage, allows flexibility to suit from beginner to pro, spring collars are provided Easy-access under-carriage plate load system 8 x weight plates storage prongs, each can take up to 60kg, those prongs can be easily repositioned, also can be used as band peg, spring collars are provided Extra heavy-duty 13-gauge steel mainframe minimises torsional flex for maximum strength and stability 11-gauge steel on the stress joint to add extra stability Safety catch has 5 positions with 5cm spacing to suit different users' heights, is easy to latch on, and flip-lock Commercial springs with 4 rivets to provide extra safety to catch the weights The track roller system operates smoothly and distributes weight evenly. harden chrome 3mm thick diameter 5cm steel rail Super easy to convert between Leg Press and Hack Squat Commercial grade black colour vinyl upholstery is used for the shoulder pads, hip pad and backrest Easy to wipe Unique trapezoid-shaped ergonomic shoulder pads are super comfortable to use with underweight resistance, 6cm thick pad, a 20cm spacing between 2 pads Full welded anti-skid foam grips with ABS chrome-plated end plugs Perfect 4 in 1 Leg press in the home to a light commercial environment **LPHS1001 leg press only accepts Olympic weight plates, to maximise the loading capacity, we would recommend using Cast Iron Olympic weight plates. Otherwise, rubber-coated Olympic plates; bumper plates are just fine to use. Note: Dispatch for this item will take between 5-7 days.


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