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MORGAN WEIGHTED VEST – 10KG The Morgan 10kg weight vests add resistance to body-weight exercises and to other lifts when a load is required to be constant and integral to the body (not on an external object). That said it’s a great way to add load to rope climbing, chin-ups, muscle-ups, push-ups and any gymnastic exercise, as well as to kettlebell work or other metabolic and conditioning work! Increased strength endurance and the ability to generate more power under fatigue are key benefits. Providing additional load during speed based resistance work can also provide marked increases in power output and rate of force production. One Size Fits All (most at least) 1kg removable increments Washable Comfortable Durable rip stop nylon Spare buckle Heavy duty construction Balanced and versatile

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Weight 11.55 kg
Dimensions 0.34 × 0.29 × 0.14 cm


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