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Morgan Rapid Rotating Bar This innovative boxing & fitness system is a truly groundbreaking product that helps to teach core fundamental boxing skills. Using the highest quality powder coated steel frames, high-speed internal ball bearings and a padded punch bag, the RRB will help to develop: Hand-eye coordination Footwork Balance Speed Stamina Accuracy The RRB offers a Power simulating the realistic sparing experience in a safe environment. With all of this and more, trainers and trainees will be able to learn, practice and gain skills required in a real bout! Wall mounted Padded striking target High-speed bearings Flat wall folding after use Bolts/Spanner Supplied Height adjustable telescopic pole Easy assembly Weight inc packaging 6kg SPECIFICATIONS: Total distance off the wall (plate to the end of the striking point) 137cm Striking bar: 60cm with a 5cm diameter Mounting Bracket: 73cm of the wall with a 20cm x 20cm mounting plate All bolts, dyno blots, screws and assembly tools supplied. *Must be fitted to a brick wall* If Installing on Sheetrock or Drywall you MUST attach wooden board with at least 4-6 screws on each side that will go into 2×4 studs and attach the bar to the wooden board.

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Weight 6.3 kg
Dimensions 0.24 × 0.72 × 0.12 cm


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