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POWER RESISTOR BAND – MEDIUM Our resistance bands give you the ability to add assistance, resistance and mobility into your training plan. They’re a key item to have for stretching in warm-ups and cooldowns, for pull up progression and banded squats, deadlifts or bench presses. Our resistance bands are smoother and more durable than ever and are now constructed from a more natural latex rubber. You’ll have more confidence in their longevity and the hairs on your legs just may thank you. Great for assisted pull up bands, weight lifting bands, pilates bands and flex bands Manufactured as a durable continuous thick strip of rubber – most durable band made Dimensions: 3.3cm width x 4.5mm thick Approx. 214cm full circle length (107cm double length) Approx 50lbs (23kg) of resistance

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 0.29 × 0.04 × 0.03 cm


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