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MORGAN 3PCS KETTLEBELL PACK Morgan V2 Iron Kettlebell is a revolutionized design of the standard kettlebell. As one of the most popular product in our wide range of functional fitness equipment, we believe that there is always room to innovate and improve regardless of its popularity. This enhanced kettlebell has a very clean seam, near-perfect surface, and 100% balanced feel, thanks to the new and innovative gravity cast mould. Our cast iron kettlebell remain traditional in style, size and weight. Its powder-coated black natural surface and colour-coded rings on the handle meet the standard specifications of RKC and SFG bells. This provides any kettlebell enthusiast with the superior grip for an effective workout. The cast-iron weight of the kettlebell is perfect for ballistic exercises, cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training to build strength and endurance in the lower back, legs, and shoulders. 3pcs kettlebell pack consists of 1 x 8kg, 1 x 12kg, 1 x 16kg Black powder coat finish Colour coded to RKC standards Single piece Gravity cast Standard RKC/SFG sizing and weights Morgan Sports Kettlebell handle diameters: 4-8 kgs – 30mm 8–12kgs – 35mm 16-40 kgs – 38mm

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