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MORGAN 'LOG' STRONGMAN The Strongman Log Bar weighs over thirty kilos of steel. It is one of the most conventional implements used in strongman training. It is used for Olympic lifts such as the clean-and-press and snatch, military, and push press and jerk movements, along with bent-over rows and partial bench presses. The Morgan Strongman Log Bar is constructed of one solid, fully-welded piece and finished with a textured, matte-black powder-coat finish. The Log's 50mm sleeves will fit Olympic weights and Lock-Jaw collars for a total of 200 additional kilograms that can be added as your growing muscles require. Total weight 34kg 1.25 meters x 18cm diameter Weights not included

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Weight 35.7 kg
Dimensions 1.27 × 0.24 × 0.24 cm


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