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MORGAN GHD The Morgan GHD is one of the premier training-level Glute Ham Developers on the market—now with easier/smoother adjustments and greater portability at the same budget-friendly price. The Morgan GHD is a comprehensive tool for midline stabilisation and the strengthening of hamstrings and glutes in a way that's functionally transferable to an athlete’s sport. * The split pad is horizontally adjustable and the vertical position is at the ideal angle for peak muscle recruitment, helping the user develop core-to-extremity power and strength. Our all-new GHD were made through a combination of customer feedback and design innovations. The goal: To re-create the GHD with an advanced roller assembly that makes adjustments easier without sacrificing stability, durability, or affordability. The finished product is a state-of-the-art GHD that’s fully adjustable with minimal effort and equipped to remain steady while generating peak power output. With a set of wheels, power band pegs and handles included, it’s also the perfect Glute Ham Developer for any garage gym or training facility where space is at a premium. Adjust it, use it, move it. Make it work for you. Specifications: Materials: 3mm powder-coated steel frame + 6mm-8mm steel sheets Pre-moulded EVA foam padding Rip-Stop upholstery Fully adjustable, horizontal and vertical Length: 185cm Width: 112cm Height: 124-149cm (123cm to top of hip pad) Weight: 101kg * It's important to note that GHD training also allows one of the only safe ways to actively train your spinal erectors, and GHD sit-ups result in the most powerful abdominal contractions of any movement in the gym. The midline stabilization gained acts like an intrinsic weight belt protecting the spine and improving sport performance.

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Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 0.9 × 1.85 × 0.7 cm


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