MORGAN FRACTIONAL PLATE SET (0.25kg-0.5kg-0.75kg-1.00kg pairs = 5kg total weight)

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MORGAN FRACTIONAL PLATE SET When working hard toward a new personal record does not mean rushing into lifting 5kg weights. Morgan fractional plate set is the perfect solution to overcome weight plateaus. With our fractional plates, micro loading for incremental progress will help you achieve weight lifting goals. Morgan fractional plates are made from the highest quality materials with no impurities. Fractional plates set come with 2 x each of the following weights: 0.25kg x 2 0.50kg x 2 0.75kg x 2 1.00kg x 2 Total weight = 5kg set Fractional plates have a 51mm opening, designed for Olympic barbell sleeves.

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Weight 5.25 kg
Dimensions 0.12 × 0.12 × 0.12 cm


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