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MORGAN ELITE SAFETY SQUAT BAR (OLYMPIC) The Morgan Elite Safety Squat Bar is our latest addition to our weightlifting collection. Made using industry-leading black hardened chrome steel, makes this safety squat bar a market-leading product. Unlike cheaper chrome squat bars, our bar has been SGS tested to hold a load of 680kg for over 48hrs with no visible bends to the sleeves or main shaft area. With a product weight of 27.5kg, using our one-piece non-slip foam padding system will ensure that any lifter from beginner to seasoned professional can utilise this product. Designed for Olympic plates using 50mm fixed hardened chrome sleeves, 38mm shaft diameter, 22-degree camber angle and a 12.7cm drop provides unparallel balance and non-restrictive movement for the user. With a textured 17cm handle for easy grip and removal of chalk residue, 21cm head opening and overall, 2.2m length ensures that our squat bar will fit most squat racks, functional frames and overall lifters' body sizes and shapes. Black Harden Chrome Steel 1 piece vinyl-covered padding 2.2m in length 50mm fixed sleeve diameter 27.5kg in weight 22-degree camber angle 12.7cm drop Textured 17cm easy-to-clean handles Max load of 680kg | SGS tested

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 0.6 × 2.4 × 0.2 cm


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