MORGAN ELITE H-HARNESS The Morgan Elite H Sled Harness is designed for serious weight loading through your sled, with all of the necessary features of a world-class product. It gets the job done without fuss or fanfare. Its simple to take on and off and it has been designed to use with the Power Sled, Dog Sled, Speed Sled, and agility bands. The ultra-wide chest/back/waist straps give perfect comfort across the body and create a stable product that won't let you down. We have added overly large hardware and buckles for security and peace of mind. Our harness is the go-to product for those heavy drags and all-out war against your sled. If you want a gut-busting workout and an effective way to improve general physical preparedness then grab a sled, attach the harness and give it everything! Elite H-Harness will fit any brand sled Padded shoulders Extra-wide lock in the buckle Extended pull strap Industrial Carabiner Strong enough to pull a car

Additional information

Weight 1.08 kg
Dimensions 0.24 × 0.2 × 0.1 cm


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