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THE MORGAN AVENTUS ELITE BELLY PAD All new and invigorated, The Morgan Aventus Belly pad is 100% genuine low grain leather cover that delivers the ultimate durability and longevity. Our exclusive assemblage of multi-layered F86 EVA and MX superior closed-cell foams for a professional body protector is perfect for elite trainers and coaches around Australia. Crafted and manufactured to extend exceptional impact resistance and shock absorbency with less bulk. The professional quality foams maintain its extensive properties for impact resistance and superior coverage from beginning to end. Using a twin hook-and-loop rear-strapping system allows for the perfect fit adjustment for any body size. Compact contoured design offers wrap-around coverage, high chest and abdominal protection, excellent mobility and allows you to quickly put it on and off. This belly pad is ideal to use in combination with punch mitts for a full body training workout. 100% low grain leather Multi-Layer F86 EVA and MX foams High levels of impact absorption Twin Hook and Loop straps Rip targets High Chest & Abdominal coverage Lightweight 1.25kg

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 0.37 × 0.45 × 0.3 cm


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