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MORGAN ELITE 5m x 5m BOXING ROPES The Morgan Elite Boxing Ring Rope Set is designed for a 5m x 5m boxing ring. Manufactured from a continual loop of structural steel cable, the rope allows for maximum tension while still offering enough movement to provide an authentic boxing ring experience. It is covered in high-quality NBR rubber foam that ensures the ring ropes are still soft to feel. The NBR foam is without memory that allows for a quick recovery after you are on the ropes. The vinyl cover is machine-stitched around the outside of the rubber foam to give it a professional finish that is not only durable but easy to clean and maintain. Although it has been designed for a 5m x 5m ring, it can also be added to other size rings as long as you use the correct spacing of 5m exactly between your ropes and you purchase the correct turnbuckles. Specifications Structural steel cable Includes 4 x continuous ropes – simply attach to the boxing ring on each corner Colours are quartered on each rope with red, blue and 2 x white sections NBR rubber foam padding Upholstered in synthetic vinyl Diameter: 50mm Total length: 18m Fight area within the ropes: 4.5m x 4.5m

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