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MORGAN COMMERCIAL GRADE BLUE ASTRO TURF (15m x 2m) Morgan commercial-grade blue astro turf is a great addition to any functional fitness or combat sports training centre that wants to incorporate a designated area for power sled and sprint training. Our turf is designed for high usage areas with a guaranteed 1-year commercial warranty. High-grade athletic turf designed for elite athletes. Each Roll is measured at 15m x 2m x 1.5cm thick blue turf at an approx weight of 70kg per roll 10cm wide, white breaker line down the centre to split the turf into usable 1m dual tracks 100% UV treated Astro track turf An upright turf weave creates a lifelike usable surface allowing power sleds to glide over the turf (lightly brush over your turf every few months with a steel headed broom to maintain an upright weave) Perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use, the adjoining tape can also be purchased from us to extend the length or width of your track Ideal for all types of cross-functional training needs Astroturf has a 1-year warranty against normal wear and tear Astroturf can be laid on a concrete surface we recommend using heavy-duty Velcro placed under the seams, carpet tape may be used for a more permanent application Top-quality – multi-lab approved: Anti UV testing – Pass Lead content – Pass Fire resistance – Pass REACH SVHC testing – Pass Toxicology – Pass Technical Date specs on turf: 100% UV Resistant Polyethylene Fibrillated Yarn Yarn Count (Dtex) 8800 Yarn height (straight): 15mm +/- 5% Machine gauge 1/4 inch Tufts per linear M 250 Tufts/m2 = 63000 Yarn weight (g/m2) = 900 (+/- 5%) The drainage hole diameter of 5mm Primary backing: UV resistant pp 148g/m2 Secondary backing: UV resistant PP 90g/m2 Back coating: Latex + rubber Spun bond on Styrene-Butadiene Basia, 700g/m2 Fire resistance grading: DIN 51960 Class 2 flammable Note: There may be a slight colour variation from roll to roll of approx 3% based on the large volume of turf that is imported and due to the chemical preparation of the product. We also recommend running a steel headed broom over your turf to raise the weave/pile when you first get it.

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Weight 108 kg
Dimensions 2.3 × 0.6 × 0.6 cm


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