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Abdominal wheel roller may look like an easy gym accessory, but it is an effective abdominal equipment that delivers an intense core training challenge to tighten and tone the abs. Using the ab roller wheel for core exercises engages multiple muscles at once and so helps manage weight and strengthen muscles in the abs, arms, shoulders, and back. Other benefits of abdominal exercises with the core roller aside from a six-pack include better balance, improved posture and lower risk of back injuries. The Morgan Ab Roller Wheel is made of high-grade materials that offer durability and safety. It features a single high-quality rubber wheel and a strong steel rod to support all body weights and workout levels. The moulded foam handles allow for a firm and strong grip giving a stable, non-slip, non-wobbly core workout experience. It is designed to be portable, lightweight and easy to use so you can do your abs training anywhere you like, whether at home or at the gym. At Morgan Sports, we make sure to deliver quality products and customer satisfaction. As the leading provider of B2B wholesale commercial and fitness equipment in Australia, we can offer you a competitive price to give you the best deal. Features: Tone & strengthen abdominal, arm and shoulder muscles. Double wheel design adds stability Neoprene high grip handles provide a comfortable and secure grip Lightweight and portable

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