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MORGAN 3PCS FOLD AWAY & PORTABLE EXERCISE MATS Our Morgan Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mats assist in providing your clients with a great and comfortable way to train anywhere at any time. Great for floor exercises, yoga, aerobics and any type of workout, this mat folds away for easy storage or convenient transport. Lay it flat for a full length of 1.83cm and a width of 61cm with a height of 5cm. Our commercial-grade lightweight exercise mat also features a set of handles which makes changing your workout location hassle-free! Morgan tri-fold exercise mats are great for personal trainers, yoga instructors or for those who are determined to stay in shape anytime and anywhere! Made from a premium closed cell foam & covered with an easy clean and highly durable non-slip outer material Stabilised cushioning, ideal for standing up and soft enough to lay your back on Closed cell foam with a PU outer means it will not absorb any water Ideal for indoor and outdoor use The 3pcs fold away with carrying handles allows for easy portability and storage Dimensions: 1.83m x 61cm x 5cm

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