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MORGAN 20KG BOX OF PUNCHBAG FILL The Morgan 20kg boxes of rags are designed for anyone who needs to buy a single punch bag and can be filled at your location. Our rag is sourced in Australia and is from 1st-grade clothing cutters in Sydney. These rags are straight off cuts from mass production facilities. Our rag consists of Lycra, Cotton and Fleece pending on the season. Due to ongoing issues with transportation in Australia, it is very difficult to supply single piece filled punch bags, this is why we are offering empty bags with the ability to purchase rags from us to fill at your location. There are a number of videos on YouTube explaining how best to fill punch bags. A guide for how much rag you need relative to the size of the bag is as below: 80cm – 90cm = 20kg 100cm – 110cm = 30kg 120cm – 140cm = 40kg 150cm – 160cm = 50kg 170cm + = 60kg

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Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 0.45 × 0.45 × 0.65 cm


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