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FLEETX HIIT BIKE The bike is designed with commercial-grade durability in mind, capable of handling countless hours of HIIT sessions. While not your conventional spinning bike, this HIIT bike has all the features both driven and newbie fitness fans need to reach their goals. The Fleetx HIIT Bike is the perfect way to get an intense cardio workout in at home or at work, with adjustable seats for multiple comfort levels and handles for ultimate customization. Intensity controls let you ramp up those climbs, while our interactive console displays key stats like RPMs, heart rate monitor readings, and calories burned- it's all here! If you're ready to tackle any challenge life throws your way head on- we've got you covered with 110 workouts that range from beginner level intensity levels to expert fitness tests guaranteed to shred pounds quickly! Tighten your grip on the controls that help you change intensity during a workout or simply focus on what feels best for your body as it becomes more of an extension of yourself. Give it all you've got in speed sessions meant specifically for high-intensity interval training; use self-motivating onboard workouts to keep your training sessions structured, or spend time mastering skills needed for complete control over every area of fitness – strength, endurance, power – any way that helps take your bike riding technique to even greater heights! Commercial Grade Quality: Fleetx HIIT Bikes are tough and built to last. Their heavy duty frames are constructed from high end materials to give them a longer life than most other bikes in the price range. You'll notice this bike is slightly heavier and more robust than other spin bikes or HIIT bikes, and this is simply a testament to their quality and ability to handle users of up to 136kg. Full Levels of Adjustability: This bike features multiple levels of adjustability to accommodate riders of all sizes, and training of all styles. Adjusting the handlebar positions, grip positions, and seat positions will target different parts of the body – allowing for a wider scope of muscle groups to be targeted! Air-Powered Resistance: Intensity controls let you ramp up those pedals, while their interactive console displays key stats like RPMs, heart rate monitor readings, calories burned and more! You'll find similar air-resistance technology and controls on other popular items from the Fleetx air-powered range – like the Ski Trainer, and Air Rower. Note: Dispatch for this item will take between 5-7 days

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Weight 61 kg
Dimensions 1.22 × 0.4 × 0.68 cm


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