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FLEETX SKI TRAINER The FleetX Ski Trainer is your ticket to getting a full-body workout in small spaces. It's built with patented air-resistance technology to provide you with the ultimate aerobic workout and efficiently targets upper and lower body muscles. This includes the core, which benefits from the innovative rotating handlebars that give you an extra workout on both sides of your body. The Fleetx Ski Trainer is great for those of you who are constantly on the go and need a cardio machine that can fit into your home with ease. It features commercial grade materials but it's also light enough to carry about. There's an integrated console so you can log your data and follow any one of its many pre-set workout programs to keep things exciting! Bring out some fun in fat eradication, cellulite, muscle tightening or toning exercises. FULL BODY WORKOUT Turn your cardio workout into a full body workout with the FleetX Ski Trainer Get lean and strong with this arm, leg, and core training machine The perfect complement to any fitness routine SMOOTH AIR RESISTANCE Utilizes your own body weight to power the product, so there's no need for batteries or electricity Our design is patented and original. It's unlike anything you've seen before Working out has never been this easy or fun We offer high quality products with rugged construction for those who are serious about their workouts HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS High end design and materials make it look great even when there's no one using it Perfect for all fitness levels as the design is perfect for all sizes (especially those of children) Guaranteed high quality material that won't break down with use Specifications: Machine size:214 x 60 x 130 cm Net Weight: 49kg 10 levels resistance Note: Dispatch for this item will take between 5-7 days

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Weight 80 kg
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