Do I need to be fit?

No, You don’t need to be fit. In fact the martial arts training is designed to increase fitness, flexibility and mobility. However, prospective students with a pre-existing illness or injury, or any concerns at all, should consult their Doctor before embarking on any training program. Please discuss your circumstances with our instructors before you begin training.

How old do I need to be?

Generally, you must be at least of high school age to train in the adult’s class. However, if you’re under 18 years old please ensure that at least one of your parents is there at the start of the first class.

What about gender?

Gender is no barrier to the martial arts.

I have no previous martial arts experience. Is that okay?

You do not need to have any previous martial arts experience (we also welcome those that have trained in the martial arts before!).

How do I book my first class?

Please call, email, or submit an enquiry form. Click here for the contact details.

What should I wear to my first class?

Please wear a comfortable t-shirt and shorts, or tracksuit pants.

What should I bring to my first class? 

Please bring a filled water bottle.

A bag to keep your belongings in.

We also train in bare feet, so we require you to take your shoes off at the door. It is best to wear thongs, or shoes which are easy to take off and put on.

It is compulsory to wear footwear to and from training.