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Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate is an effective self-defence method and exciting martial art. Kenpo Karate students are taught to utilise all methods of striking, blocking, sweeping, locking, and evasion.

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is one of the most practical methods of self-defence. Students are taught techniques of joint locks, chokes, and throws focusing on bio-mechanics, leverage, unbalancing, and evasion.


Aiki-Jujutsu’s underlying principle is the use of timing and maximum efficiency to blend with an attackers force to affect a throw or joint lock, or simply evade and escape.

Jishukan Ryu

Jishukan Ryu Classes at Perth Martial Arts. Jishukan Ryu is a traditional school of mixed martial arts combining: Kenpo Karate (striking, kicking, blocking, evasion), Jiu Jitsu (joint locks, pressu...


Learn how to defend yourself from the most common assaults occurring today. Perth Martial Arts Academy will teach you how to defend against unarmed, armed, and single and multiple attackers.

Kids Classes

We will help your child to develop the necessary life skills and enhance their physical ability. They will learn self-defence, respect, concentration, coordination, discipline and get fit.


Jojutsu Classes Perth - Jojutsu uses a wooden stick, called a “Jo”to strike and restrain attackers. Prerequisites must be met before enrolling in this training method.


Iaido is principle swordsmanship method practiced in Japan. Students are taught how to draw the sword from the scabbard, use the blade correctly, and re-sheath the sword once finished.


Jodo translates to the 'way of the staff'. A traditional martial art where the practitioner uses a wooden stick, called a 'Jo', to defend against a sword attack. Jodo is a fantastic art.

Open Class

Open Class is a daytime class for shift workers, FIFO workers or anyone who has time during the day to catch up on some training.

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